Latam Autos

LatAm Autos is a leading online classifieds portal  in the automobile industry in Latin America. The corporation has operations in six countries: Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Bolivia and Argentina. LatAm Autos offers classifieds services to private buyers and sellers and to commercial sellers and car dealerships. In addition, the corporation provides transactional services such as:

Used Car Financing: Motorcredit

Motorcredit serves as an online car financing platform which is fully integrated across desktop and mobile. In Mexico, the financing services were launched in cooperation with a leading and innovative financial institution, Credito Real.  The idea of online financial services caused a strong uptake of this product in Mexico.

LatAm Autos Portals

latamautos portals


PATIOTuerca is the portal for classifieds in Ecuador, Panama and in Bolivia. In Ecuador, PATIOTuerca is the leading platform for buying and selling used cars. For more information visit:


SEMINuevos is the classifieds portal in Mexico with an inventory of approximately 60.000 automobiles. For more information visit:


TODOAutos is the classifieds and content portal for Peru. It has approximately 10.000 autos on its inventory. For more information visit:


AUTOfoco in Argentina is LatAm autos online classifieds portal. The inventory amounts to approximately 50.000 autos. For more information visit:

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